The mystery of the night sky: the evening in Colorado, there are dozens of giant drones

Late at night in Eastern Colorado, something strange is happening. Since the week of Christmas, giant drones size up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) in width was seen in the sky at night, sometimes in massive “swarm” of up to 30 pieces, writes Yahoo.

Загадка ночного неба: по вечерам в Колорадо появляются десятки гигантских дронов

Photo: Depositphotos

For the first time the local newspaper reported that these mysterious observations in northeastern Colorado on 23 December. Since the observations covered six districts in Colorado and Nebraska.

County Sheriff Phillips Thomas Elliot had no answer to the question of where the drones came from or who they belonged to, but he claims that the drones were acting on a clear plan.

“They conducted a grid search, he told the newspaper The Denver Post. — They fly on one cell, then another.”

Elliott said that the huge drones flying over the counties of Phillips and Yuma every night for the last week. They appeared around 19:00 and disappeared at about 22:00 remaining in the air at a height of from 200 to 300 feet (60-90 meters).

The Federal aviation administration told The Post, she has no idea where it came from drones. Representatives of the air force, the Department on drug control and command of the armed forces of the United States — all say that the drones did not belong to their organizations.

Because the airspace in which flying drones, relatively unmanageable, there are no rules requiring operators of drones to identify themselves. Elliot, however, said that the drones do not look malicious.

Publishing The Post talked to a commercial photographer and drone pilot with Vic moss, who said that these drones seem to have researched or had mapped the area. Moss said that the drones often fly at night in order to study crop. Drones may also be owned by a local company producing drones in Colorado that can test new technologies.

Meanwhile, moss urges residents not to shoot down the drones, as they are flammable.

“This is a self-generating fire, which burns until, until will not burn himself, he said. — If you shoot a drone over his house, and it lands on your house, you may not be home in 45 minutes.”