The national Bank called the reason for the sharp rise of the dollar

Нацбанк назвал причину резкого роста доллара

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The dollar has already exceeded 28 hryvnia

For the jump in the dollar was enough public statements about the need for devaluation of the hryvnia, says the Central Bank.

The dollar rises in price in Ukraine for the second week in a row due to psychological factors. As stated on Thursday, July 23, the Deputy head of the National Bank Dmitry Sologub, for the rise in price had the statements about the devaluation.

He recalled that the dollar initially jumped after the statement of Yakov Smoliy resignation from the post of head of the NBU.

“In recent days we have also seen an increase in demand for foreign currency from different sources. We see that currency purchases by the population, are buying the currency business”, — said the representative of the Central Bank.

In his opinion, “there’s no other explanation than the fact that it is in principle caused by public statements on the need for the devaluation that the hryvnia will weaken”.

Due to the fall of the hryvnia, the NBU within three days we spent $ 350 million to smooth sharp fluctuations of the dollar.

According to him, now that there are no fundamental reasons for the growth of the dollar, on the contrary, the balance of payments situation favourable.

It is worth noting that recently the Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko said that chonco godmars of the dollar in Ukraine will remain stable,the prerequisites for strong fluctuations in the no.

Thus before the fall of the hryvnia in July Marchenko said that Ukraine for the implementation of the budget required a higher dollar.