The national Bank estimated the consequences of the “disconnection” of the economy

НБУ оценил последствия «отключения» экономики


To live and work in a pandemic, says Rozhkova

Ukraine can no longer afford a total quarantine, will have to live and work in the new conditions of a pandemic, says Rozhkov.

Povtornoe “disable” economicmalaise catastrophic consequences, said the interim head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova. About the consequences for the country’s quarantine restrictions, she said in an interview with agenttweaks-Ukraine.

“She’s probably up to a certain point he can stand up in the form in which we had a total quarantine, and then all of them. And we see it on the examples of other countries: we need it back to run, otherwise there will be disastrous consequences,” she said.

She believes that the Ukrainians will just have to live with and adapt to this virus.

“But, in my opinion (and that of other countries, which again spikes occur), we’ll just have to live with and adapt to this virus, the immunity, using vaccines, but to work because we can’t go all out. This restriction activity, which we had, can’t be…. Yeah, I guess cinema is not fully earned, will not be a global tourism and, probably, will be filled with hotels, however, the economy cannot be turned off,” — said the acting head of the NBU.

According to Rozhkova, in Ukraine, first predicted a downturn of 5%, but the IMF was more pessimistic and predicted 8.2 percent.

“Our forecast in April, and the next revision will be in July. In April, yet there was not one of understanding, as only in March announced the quarantine, he then explained that anyone is forbidden … of Course, we will revise the forecast,” she said.