The national Bank explained the slowing of price increases

Нацбанк объяснил замедление роста цен


Hot weather and a weak offer in June affected the price of fruit

The rate of decline of prices of food commodities were almost at the level of the previous month.

The June price increase in Ukraine kept weak domestic demand, favorable situation on the currency market and the relatively low energy prices. This is stated in comments of the National Bank, published on Friday, July 10.

According to him, the pace of falling prices for manufactured goods were almost at the level of the previous month. Slowed the growth of prices for pharmaceutical products and personal care.

Also slowed down the rise in prices of essential commodities and the cost of individual products (coffee, olive oil) — was even less than in June 2019.

Rapidly growing cost of medical services due to increased demand with increased incidence of coronavirus. Also accelerated the rise in mobile communication.

However, under the impact of weak demand slowed the rising cost of insurance, rental housing, financial and notarial services, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants.

Prices for the services sectors, whose activities were limited because of the quarantine (sanatoriums, recreation centres, universities), remained at the March level.

Rapidly rose in price beef and eggs slowed the rate of decline in prices for chicken and vegetables. Hot weather and poor supply has affected the price of fruit, in particular strawberries, which have continued to rise rapidly.

Continued to fall in price of gas for the population due to accounting rates, lower prices both on the global and domestic markets. Moderately growing prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. The growth rate of fares in rail and road transport fell due to a drop in fuel prices in previous periods.

We will remind, in Ukraine borsch set vegetables fell sharply compared to the year 2019. Most reduced prices on onion, which in 2019 have updated the record value.