The national Bank gave the forecast for unemployment in Ukraine

In Ukraine in the second quarter, the unemployment rate will peak, rising to 11.5%, and then in the second half of this figure will decline and for the year as a whole will be higher than last year, but below 10%.

НБУ дал прогноз по безработице в Украине

This was during the annual conference of the national Bank and the national Bank of Poland said the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy, the press service of the NBU.

“We expect that in our country due to coronarica the unemployment rate will peak in the second quarter. It is 11.5%, against 8.2% last year. Together with a gradual easing of the quarantine measures, which began in late may and the economic recovery the unemployment rate will decline in the second half of the year, though remain higher than a year earlier, but below 10%”, — said the head of the NBU.

Resin admitted that due to the temporary stop operation of enterprises, the dismissal of citizens have complicated the employment, increasing the burden on the one vacancy. At the same time, this situation clearly showed that it is easy to solve the problem of labor migration in Ukraine is impossible.

He also added that in the second quarter of coronaries the number of work hours in the world, maybe compared to pre-crisis level, reduced by 10.5%, and it — 305 000 000 jobs, providing full-time employment.