The national debt of Ukraine exceeded us $ 82 billion

Госдолг Украины превысил 82 миллиарда долларов

Photo: press service of the NBU

In June the national debt will continue to grow

In March hodag of Ukraine decreased by three billion dollars, and in April-may rose 1.73 billion.

Ukraine’s public debt in may increased by 0.68 billion us dollars (0,8%) to 82,12 billion, according to danielentin.

Thus, the state and state guaranteed debt at the end of may amounted to 2 209,46 billion, or 82,12 billion against $ 2 196,42 billion, or 81,44 billion a month earlier.

The total amount of direct debt as of may 31, 947,89 amounted to 1 billion hryvnia (72,40 billion dollars) against 1 934,89 billion hryvnia (71,74 billion) a month earlier.

The direct external debt for the month decreased from 40.17 billion dollars to 39.32 billion.

Direct internal debt increased from 851,58 billion to 889,85 billion (in dollar equivalent increased from 31.57 billion dollars to 33.07 billion).

Publicly guaranteed debt at may 31 totaled 261,57 billion, or 9.72 billion dollars.

We will note, in April Ukraine’s state debt rose 1.05 billion, AV mattegoda declined by 3 billion dollars(3,6%) to of 80.38 billion.