The NBA players had a fit of panic in the club plane due to defoliation candy with cannabis

У баскетболиста НБА случился припадок паники в клубном самолете из-за объедания конфетами с каннабисом

Dion Waiters (right)

The club NBA “Miami heat” disqualified shooting guard Dion waiters of 10 games without pay, according to

Such a punishment the club has decided to apply for what Waiters ate too many gummy candies, which, as it turned out, contained the cannabinoids (psychoactive remedy derived from cannabis). Because of this, the 27-year-old basketball player had a fit of panic in the club aircraft.

As noted, the candy player could buy in Denver, when the “Miami” played with “nuggets” (89:109).

In “Hit,” I believe that Waiters drugs gave someone on the team, but Dion did not tell who it was.

Note that Colorado legalized marijuana candy could be purchased there.

In connection with the admission of a large number of matches this season, Waiters also lost his contract bonus of $ 1.2 million.