The NBU and the Finance Ministry has started technical negotiations with the IMF on a new program


The national Bank together with the Ministry of Finance began to negotiate a new program with the IMF at the technical level, there is a correspondence

НБУ и Минфин начали технические переговоры с МВФ по новой программе

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Oleg Churiy.

“Of course, speech does not go about signing documents, but the dialogue continues. We are expecting a visit of the IMF representatives in Ukraine when the new government is formed, that is, it must be soon, he said. — If a new programme with the IMF is signed it is likely to enable the unfulfilled conditions of the previous program”.

He noted that the financial sector we are talking about the laws on “split” (the redistribution of functions of supervision of non-Bank financial services), protection of the rights of consumers of financial services, financial monitoring. “The restoration of responsibility for illicit enrichment can also be one of the requirements. As for raising domestic gas prices, the position of the IMF is not setting a specific price, and its compliance with the parity market,” said Curi.

He added that according to NBU forecast, this year Ukraine should receive $2 billion on a new program with the IMF. “And next year too. But whether it’s $1 billion, two or three — does not matter. For investors not matter much. Importantly, the existence of the program. Together with tranches from the IMF, we have the opportunity to obtain other official financing from international financial institutions,” said Curi.