The NBU announced several conditions for the introduction in Ukraine of an affordable mortgage

The banking system in Ukraine is not yet ready for mortgage at 10%, which announced President Vladimir Zelensky.

В НБУ озвучили несколько условий для введения в Украине доступной ипотеки

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to interview of the Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Dmytro Sologub portal “Liga.Finance”.

As noted by Sologub in order to Ukraine was available on housing conditions in the mortgage, there are a few conditions. Including the Deposit rate is expected to decline almost vdvoe, which takes time.

“It is theoretically possible, but the price of the resource should be around 6%. At the same time look at same state-owned banks: average interest rate on deposits 11%, and some products of 13-14%,” he said.

As informs the channel 24, in 2020 the most affordable mortgages in Ukraine provides for the rate of 17-18%. However, to get it, you must fulfill a number of requirements of the Bank, and therefore it is available not for everyone.

Average Ukrainians can obtain a mortgage at an interest rate of 18% to 25%.

However, there is also a problem with hidden fees. In particular, in Ukraine it is necessary to pay additionally:

  • 0,5-1% — insurance of life and health of the borrower for the entire period of payment of mortgage;
  • 0,7-1% — insurance of property;
  • 0,7-1% — processing fee for mortgage loan;
    valuation of real estate held for the account of the borrower.

In addition, in order to get a mortgage, you must confirm in the Bank high income. Advantage is considered a high income husband / wife/spouse.