The NBU estimated the influence of the spread of the coronavirus in the economy of Ukraine

Deputy head of the National Bank Dmitry Sologub said that the National Bank of Ukraine does not see negative trends for the economy of Ukraine due to the spread of the coronavirus.

В НБУ оценили влияние распространения коронавируса на экономику Украины

The corresponding statement was posted on the website of the NBU in Facebook.

Sologub noted that the first signals of a slowdown of China’s economy is apparent now. This will affect the economies of Torgov partners of China.

“But Ukraine is likely to be in the first group of influence. In the first group the influence of those countries that strongly embedded in the industrial chain of China,” said Sologub.

He also reminded that Ukraine is also dependent on China as the third part of the ore exports are directed to that country. In addition, 50% of Ukraine’s exports to China – food.

“This segment suffer still less. There may be logistical problems, but not anymore,” said Sologub

The official said that the effect of the fall in import prices Ukraine above the effect of falling export prices, so the negative trends of coronavirus, the NBU does not see.