The NBU said about the state of the financial sector in Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine said that the financial sector today is at the highest level, than in the entire period of Ukraine’s independence.

НБУ рассказал о состоянии финансового сектора в Украине

This is stated in the press service of the national Bank on the official website of the Department, reports “Hvil”.

According to the NBU, the risks of financial instability that are at the moment –irrelevant.

“In the world there is cautious optimism and much better expectations for the year 2020 than it was a few months ago. The Ukrainian economy is growing faster than expected, inflation came in at the target range. At the same time reduced the volume of industrial production, mainly due to unfavorable market conditions for individual world markets, in particular the dynamics of metals prices”, — stated in the message of the national Bank.

In addition, it was noted that in recent months has increased the volume of deposits in foreign currency, not even considering the lowest possible interest rates.

According to the NBU, the situation on the currency market is the most favorable, now the national Bank buys the excess foreign currency and, thus, replenish international reserves.

Thanks to low inflation, the strengthening of the hryvnia and macroeconomic situation the decline of the dollar will continue.