The Netherlands decided to abandon the tour name Holland because of the Association with ‘red lights’ and drugs (PHOTO)

Нидерланды решили отказаться от туристического названия Голландия из-за ассоциации с 'красными фонарями' и наркотиками (ФОТО)

The government of the Netherlands decided to completely abandon the use of travel titles in the Netherlands is their country. Now in all promotional materials will use its official name is the Netherlands. The decision to “rebrand” was coordinated with a variety of stakeholders, including Central government, the Council for tourism and business representatives, writes Forbes.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs explained that the Netherlands needed a more unified and coordinated national branding: the name Holland is more common, but is associated exclusively with the red light district of Amsterdam and of the use of soft drugs. “We want to present the Netherlands as an open, creative and inclusive country. We modernized our approach,” – said the press service of the Ministry.

The new name will be used, in particular, at the song contest “Eurovision-2020”, which will be held in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The name “Netherlands” will also be used in all materials related to the Olympic games in 2020 in Tokyo.

It is noted that the strongest rejection of the name Holland will affect the football team of the country and the tourism Board. The name Holland is a powerful brand for many sports fans around the world, and the main website of the tourism Council is located at The Council also publishes extensive guidelines on the use of the brand known as Holland Toolkit.

At the same time, the rebranding will allow to regulate the flow of tourists into the country: the number of students attending Amsterdam reached the level that many call inappropriate. As told to “echo of Moscow”, the Dutch journalist Hubert Smith, residents of the capital welcomed the change of image of the country, because not withstand the flow of tourists.

In March of this year the Amsterdam authorities have introduced more stringent rules event in the city centre. According to them, in the red light district no longer will conduct tours that will allow to unload the center and to spare him from the hustle and bustle. In addition, according to local authorities, now is not the time to consider sex workers as a tourist attraction.

The district has been banned from the tour groups larger than 20 people, and the tourists were forbidden to stand face to the Windows of public houses, which are offering themselves workers in the sex industry, and to photograph them. Also visitors of the quarter can not stay in crowded places, such as at the entrances to the shops, or on bridges, to talk loudly or shout. Requirements imposed for the sake of respect to local residents, businesses and employees of sex workers, protect their privacy, and to reduce the increased in recent years tourist flow in the red light district.