The network has fun musical Duo of Putin and trump

В сети высмеяли музыкальный дуэт Путина и Трампа

In the network appeared videogame, where the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin plays the piano, and the President of the United States of America, Donald trump he sings. The video became popular network within minutes.

In a movie filled track of famous artists Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Their new collaboration track Senorita, which occupies top positions in the world charts. Some people write that the President of the United States of America they liked it even more than the original.

The video where Vladimir Putin plays the piano for more than two years. It happened at the residence of the Chairman of the Korean people’s Republic.

Really, the movie is funny and realistic, if a song actually takes the Donald trump.

In the comments under the video, netizens began to write about what’s better in life they sang, rather than staged wars, and the machinations that harm the world. And also, commentators had a good laugh with installation. Exactly who mounted the roller is unknown.

Recall that world experts noted the fact that Donald trump is slowly but surely switches on the side of the Russian Federation in the conflict with Ukraine. He even revealed a desire to see Russia returned to the summit of the group of seven. The same proposal was made by the President of France, Emmanuel macron, after their personal meeting with Vladimir Putin in late August.

Recall that Russia was excluded from the summit, after they illegally held a referendum on the Crimean Peninsula and annexed it.