The network has fun playgrounds behind bars in Crimea

В сети высмеяли детские площадки за решеткой в Крыму

In the network there are new pictures from the Crimea. User and blogger RoksolanaToday&Крым25% showed the children play in the occupied Peninsula. These frames do not dream even in a nightmare.

So, the network showed a Playground that is surrounded by a high fence from the grid “netting”. To enter the enclosure set the gate on which the lock hangs. However, such stringent measures to preserve the property did not stop to litter in the area and break the concrete supports for bench.

It should be noted that the meaning of the fencing of the site we can only guess. The images show that it fits closely to the wall of a small building or garage. Also on the site is a rusty slide and a sandpit with sand, on its territory there are no new swings or the carousel.

Under the post blogger had a furious argument about why action was taken. Commentators spoke about the fact that this is a necessary measure to protect the sand from yard and domestic animals and their excreta, as well as from vandals. Others wrote that all is well, but parents and children access to the site is now closed. It has also been proposed that it is necessary to protect against terrorists.