The network has got video of the suspect with a gun in a police car (PHOTOS)

В сеть попало видео о подозреваемом с пистолетом в полицейской машине  (ФОТО)

Shocking video filmed inside a police car shows how the suspect is handcuffed, placed in the back seat, suddenly from somewhere pulls out a gun.

In the video, which was made available to CTV News Toronto, the suspect in handcuffs fidgeting on the seat trying to reach something in the belt area of the pants, pulls out this “something” that resembles a semiautomatic pistol, and pressed it between her legs, not allowing to fall.

There is no precise information when exactly the incident occurred, but police said that the suspect in the video was placed in the police car in connection with arrest for driving in a poor condition.

Currently, he’s facing several charges, including about the presence of his firearms.

There is also no information whether the gun is loaded

The police service of Toronto has not confirmed the reports that in connection with the disturbing incident, which reportedly occurred somewhere in the city centre controlled unit 51, to the internal investigation.

The President of Toronto police Association Mike McCormack reported that, according to him, the incident occurred on Sunday.

He added that the arresting officers conducted “a thorough search”, but he believes the gun was “very well hidden”.

“In my opinion, this once again shows how great is the number of people who have a weapon,” said McCormack in an email.

Regular CSI CP24 and a former investigator homicide detective Steve Ryan I am sure that the gun “cannot be overlooked”.

“(Area) near the belt is one of the main areas of a search when the suspect was in handcuffs… Police will hold a finding out the surrounding circumstances, in order to understand how this could happen,” he said on Tuesday.

“You can not neglect the search for the presence of firearms. When it comes to weapons, a second chance may not be.”

According to Ryan, the police probably will investigate and the way this video was caught in the open.

Commenting on the video on Tuesday, mayor John Tory called the incident “disconcerting”.

“You don’t want to think that someone in the back seat of a police car or someone similar have a gun after a search. So I guess I’ll have to investigate. And it looks like it will happen. The police should understand how produced after a search of a detained suspect in a police car could somehow remain a gun,” said tori.

“I look forward to the results (investigations) and recommendations… Because, of course, the police and all who were near, would be in a very dangerous situation if this person was able to use a gun.”