The network has made fun of a bad manicure Irina Gerashchenko

В сети высмеяли неудачный маникюр Ирины Геращенко

Irina Gerashchenko, today celebrated a silver wedding.

The relevant post with a photo she posted on his official page in social network Facebook.

MP from the party of Petro Poroshenko “European solidarity”, did publish a meaningful day for her, 25th wedding anniversary. Gerashchenko signed photo that she did not believe that time has flown so quickly and for 25 years they, along with her husband, the couple has three children and lots of colorful memories and travel.

Users and friends congratulated them on this momentous occasion leaving more than a hundred comments under the post people’s choice. Among congratulated Yuriy Lutsenko and Kateryna Yushchenko ( the wife of ex-President Viktor Yushchenko).

Borislav Bereza joined with the universal pozdravleniyam, saying that such happiness should be valued and protected.

Surprising that no one pointed out the choice of photo that Irina Gerashchenko has proillyustriroval post about a family holiday. MP 9 convocation of the Verkhovna Rada showed a picture of wedding rings and stale, quite clumsily done manicure. The impression, as if the nails of the child, as it looks quite smazano and inappropriate appearance.