The network has made fun of a monument to fighters of “DNR”

В сети высмеяли памятник боевикам «ДНР»

In the occupied part of Donbass fighters erected the new memorial is absurd, this time the memory of dead members of the Russian occupying forces, the appearance of the monument caused a wave of irony in social networks, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

In the territories occupied in Donetsk region, namely in the village of Mikhailovka of the Perevalsky area was a “momentous” event. Russian militants held a solemn opening of a monument installed in the center of the village, in honor of the dead members of the occupying forces of the Russian Federation. About this informed the user of social network Twitter, the Ukrainian blogger Necro Mancer in a post on his page.

It is worth noting that despite the pop up in the mind pictures of a majestic memorials at the sound of the word “monument”, the reality is a bit does not conform to expectations. The so-called “memorial” to the memory pogibshih Russian invaders looks really ridiculous.

In this news, the netizen also released footage of the official opening ceremony of the monument, which took place in okkupirovanom the village of Mikhailovka of the Perevalsky area Doneckoi region on Monday, 2 September.

The footage also shows that the opening of the memorial was accompanied by the presence of Russian fighters, as well as their children. In a comment under the post, the user stated that platnik more like a fake, which made these children in the school lessons.

В сети высмеяли памятник боевикам «ДНР»

В сети высмеяли памятник боевикам «ДНР»

Also, the review noted that the monument looks very “loosely” and “cheap.” So were the statements of users about what such a memory deserved Russian militants in Ukraine.