The network has made fun of dissatisfaction with trump’s new iPhone models

В сети высмеяли недовольство Трампа новыми моделями iPhone

Donald trump got into confusion with Apple CEO Tim cook

So, Donald trump is not seldom gets into various funny situations. Writes Politeka, this time he decided to Express his dissatisfaction with CEO Tim cook, who is head of Apple. It turns out that the US President doesn’t like the latest model iPhone with no Home button. His displeasure he decided to speak out on his Twitter page.

“Tim: button on the iPhone was MUCH better than the swipe,” wrote trump.

В сети высмеяли недовольство Трампа новыми моделями iPhone

The Home button stopped using X on the iPhone, sales of which started in the fall of 2017. In previous models of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and 8, Apple has replaced the physical Home button on the touch that simulates pressing with vibration.

Only trump has three iPhone, two of them were set up by the national security Agency against bugging, and the third is no different from millions of Apple used around the world.

Earlier it was reported that Donald trump was in confusion when referring to the head of the Pentagon, mixed up the correct spelling of his last name. The American President has publicly confused the name of the head of the Pentagon (Ministry of defense), Mark Esper, calling it Esperanto. The relevant post with the mistake he made on Twitter.

В сети высмеяли недовольство Трампа новыми моделями iPhone

But then, Donald trump quickly deleted it.

It was also reported the embarrassment that made Donald trump the pronunciation of the name of the President of Italy. The reason for all this is that Donald trump called the President of Italy Mozzarella instead, Sergio mattarella, the. Everyone laughed at the reaction of the interpreter the Italian President after she heard the mistake.