The network has made fun of marine research Putin

В сети высмеяли морские исследования Путина

The network has fun photos from the day, when Putin dived to the bottom of Fincargo Gulf in a submersible.

At the end of July this year, the acting President of the Russian Federation once again surprised the people of Russia and not only for its action. This time, the head of the neighboring state decided for a short period of time to change activities and be a marine researcher. The fact that pomoshu Padovani luxury boats of the submarine, Vladimir Putin went to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. This action provoked a strong reaction in the network and still has relevance among users.

For example, this morning, Tuesday 19th November, the social network twitter are popular among Russians account “Lentech” there’s a new joke for this reason. The photo, which depicts Putin inside of the submersible, submersible under water, followed by the phrase “Tell your deatm that it was Jacques-Yves Cousteau”. It is noteworthy that Cousteau is a famous ocean Explorer and the popular Director.

Under the post typed the review users who are apparently not quite happy about this action of Vladimir Putin:

“Well, not to mention the name of a talented scientist here that Gopnik of the gate so — so idea.”;

“I’ll tell you what it is — a bald vampire.”;

“The boat is called Russia and it sinks to the bottom.”