The network has made fun of Russian officials because of the absurd “know-how”

В сети высмеяли российских чиновников из-за абсурдного «ноу-хау»

The network has made fun of “capital remont” one of the houses of the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation.

The problem of “crumbling houses” in the Russian Federation is quite topical and concerns many residents do each area and each region. Of course, such problems are not many in the capital Moscow and the cultural capital — St. Petersburg. However, the situation is much worse in many other cities. The farther, as they say, worse.

This confirms the collapse in the truest sense of the word, house, das Central-Sukhoi Log, located in the Urals, in the Sverdlovsk region. In 2012, the year authorities conducted a “major” repair, which has long asked residents of the house. However, in less than seven years, as the overhaul “lost.” The fact that conventional wind tore with houses lining. In the network even though the incident reacted violently, as well as the residents of the house, but there were also those who derided curiosity.

For example, a few hours ago on the popular public “Lentech” on the social network twitter has published an article on this topic. The authors of the post made fun of the fact that the building is repaired with tape, which is quite possible. As to the description of the problem I added a picture of the famous Soviet cartoon “Buttermilk”, which shows the house in poor condition and the inscription “the House is renovated. Live as you want”. As the authors of the post addressed to the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin.