The network has made fun of the installation of the dome on the temple of the Russian Armed forces

В сети высмеяли установку купола на храм Вооруженных сил России

November 8, military construction workers told reporters that the main temple of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation established the first dome, weighing 34 tons.

This event is widely covered in the press, and also passed by and bloggers. A special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Smirnov posted in the Twitter blog video of the installation of the dome to a height of 20 floors sadbu post signature.

“So often the Lord noticed”, wrote Dmitry, using Scripture, which continued one of the comments: “This tale is “So often the Lord noticed” — is evil and wrong and horribly false — for; (Jn.2:21; acts.17:24) “But He spake of the temple of His body. // God made the world and all things therein, He, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made”.

Most users are outraged by the construction of the temple openly about what they write in the comments to the post promoter: “Now we have the pious of airmobile troops to get…and, not – already-is,” ” Idiocy grows stronger.”, “The loss of Faith, comes the worship of the temples.”, “This would be the dome yeah someone on the bonce… That the dead did not build temples, taking resources from living people… And God and the people be damned”.

Nobody knows what exactly wanted to tell the journalist his post, it is clear only that the Russian people did not appreciate the construction of the Grand lamenting the fact that it is better to build schools and other social buildings, rather than to invest in the construction of temples.