The network has made fun of the new Azarov post on Twitter

В сети высмеяли новый пост Азарова в Twitter

The Network has ridiculed the words of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, about the incident in the center of Kiev from-for break of a pipe, writes

The relevant post on his page on Facebook posted a well-known Ukrainian political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

So, Azarov wrote that at the intersection of two streets had a serious pipe break, with the result that on the road, flowed streams of boiling water and there was a failure of asphalt, and where pleased local residents on their cars. Azarov summed up comparing frames from Kiev with the movie “Apocalypse”, which actually tells about the life of the Maya.

So, golobutsky noticed that Mykola Azarov demonstrates their dissatisfaction with what is happening in the center of Kiev and simultaneously trying to show modernity and awareness of world cinema.

“Dharma — prodemonstrirovali strigano went Hiba insanity, Yak always” writes golobutsky on the page.