The Network has made fun of the new Russian UAZ with the strange window

В Сети высмеяли новый российский УАЗ со странной форточкой

The famous “Loaf“, or officially, the UAZ-452, which is now all laugh, was released in 1965.

But apparently, from production to withdraw in a hurry. This writes bigmir.

In April of this year the Ulyanovsk automobile plant introduced a new version of the van called “Trophy“. Just hitting the dealers, the cars start immediately to get pretty tongue-in-cheek reviews.

At the moment, under the criticism came sliding window shutters car Windows. It is noteworthy that the window can be locked from the inside. However, they can be easily opened from the outside. To see the video, prostrollo news to the end.

Comments on this video, as you might guess, full of irony:

“Unique (having no analogues in the world), anti-theft system “but who the fuck he want“;

“It’s all care of the consumer, in case he will forget or lose the keys.“