The network has made fun of the strange relationship between Putin and trump

В сети высмеяли странные отношения Путина и Трампа

The network has made fun of nedao poyavivshis a caricature of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Some time ago, on his page on the social network twitter user Anastasia Kirilenko shared caricature from renowned Illustrator Dave Brown, who has already become quite recognizable thanks to the numerous humorous drawings on pressing political issues. Anastasia shared her picture in which the US President Donald trump, who is hugging one of the columns of the White House. And all anything, but this column is drawn in the form of a birch tree that has a clear allusion to Russia.

“Russian cartoon 🙂 Observation on the field: on the contrary it is very discreet apartment in Dresden, Putin, then, in the 80-ies, with the nickname Platov (sounds like it was after sudoplatova — mastermind of the brutal murder of Trotsky in Mexico) was also of birch.”, I described the picture of the girl.