The network has published a compilation of funny cartoons on Putin

В сети опубликовали подборку курьезных карикатур на Путина

In the popular social network shared ironic paintings, making fun of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Some time ago popular in certain circles, the blogger from the Baltic States shared a collection of comical cartoons, which depict the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The author of these works of art, which, incidentally, marked in the post — semen Skripacha very clearly able to show the attitude of the Russian authorities to the people and the overall situation, observe which in Russia already for almost two decades. Pretty funny, but some users pokatushki creepy paintings shared by user Vitauskas on his page on the social network Twitter.

“A small selection of Russophobia from Seeds Crepescule” — that so called picture of Latvian blogger.

The images drawn by Vladimir Putin, who sits on the shoulders of the Policeman and the priest, who, in their turn, fit on the shoulders of ordinary Russians without a shirt. The review noted that this picture most accurately describes the current situation of the Russian people.


“the championship!”

“Man burns and the yoke clamps”

“Similar will GOVNET — offset!”

“teaching points” — that’s what you write in the comments under the post.