The network has ridiculed Lukashenka’s threats against athletes

В сети высмеяли угрозы Лукашенко в адрес спортсменов

In the Internet ridiculed the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who began to publicly threaten athletes

As reported Politeka, pictures to the network merged propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“If in Tokyo with no results, if you tourists to go there and back with nothing better in the country don’t come back”: Lukashenka imparts to the athletes and coaches of sports patriotism ahead of the Olympics-2020″, — stated in the message.

Therefore, Lukashenko has addressed to the athletes themselves and their coaches and urged them to think twice before heading to the competition. This was the reason for the rapid comments from the users.

“Mustachioed Fureru it was necessary to add : “living not bring up” “Recalls the Chairman of the kolkhoz”, “behaves as a master and slave owner”, “Tyrant”, “The old man said, just atas”, “talks like a dictator, not the President,” they write.

As previously reported, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko became the hero of cartoons with Vladimir Putin for statements about the Union with Russia

The author of the political satire became a famous artist Sergei Elkin.

The reason for this was the statement which the President of Belarus expressed doubts about the future of the Union with Russia.

“But dad the agreement about integration of Belarus and Russia to sign is not in a hurry…” reads the caption on the cartoon.

Figure Lukashenko is depicted with a pitchfork in the national costume. Behind him from behind the fence peeking Putin. The words attributed to him: “Hey, boss! Join our Union.”

The caricature is actively commenting in the network. The Russians after what they saw were literally out.

В сети высмеяли угрозы Лукашенко в адрес спортсменов