The network has ridiculed public confusion with the transfer Malakhov

В сети высмеяли публичный конфуз с передачей Малахова

On 21 October released the program “live” with Andrei Malakhov, which discussed the consequences of the accident near the village Scetinkino. However, after entering the Internet resources, the production of steel mass block and delete.

It is known that recently in Russia, on the territory of Kuraginsky district near the village Scetinkino accident: on gold mine dam burst, in consequence of which people died. This incident was determined to tell the program “live”, where he presented the results of the analysis of water in the river Ceiba.

В сети высмеяли публичный конфуз с передачей Малахова

Unfortunately, the air Malakhov managed to reach only to the Far East and Siberia; then they were blocked and deleted from Internet resources. As far as we know, it was due to “call the top”, causing the rest of the Russians saw the report, about how the woman fell out of a window. The reasons for this decision remains unknown.

On some sites the video has been preserved. In this issue showed the volunteers who first reached the scene of the tragedy. They reported that the area is already disabled mobile communications and the employees of the mine were selected passports, including foreigners who have no rights to work in Russia. Also, it became known that the company “Sibzoloto”, which owns a gold mine in the first few hours after the incident continued to hire workers, and stubbornly ignore the details of the accident.

Andrey Malakhov has managed to “Live” to read the results of the analysis of water from Shitkino conducted by an independent laboratory. In the end, in the river of SAB found catastrophic mercury content that speaks to the artisanal method of mining gold ore. Experts say that such harmful substances can tremendously affect the ecological condition of the region.