The network has ridiculed public disgrace Putin at a meeting with President of Egypt

В сети высмеяли публичный позор Путина на встрече с президентом Египта

The President of the Russian Federation again excelled. His action left no chance for rehabilitation in the eyes of the people. Vladimir Putin met with the head of Egypt, and reached under his jacket. About it write local mass media.

It happened today, the twenty-third day of October in the city of Sochi, where takes place an economic forum “Russia-Africa”. It was attended by the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. They met, struck up a conversation, and suddenly, Vladimir Putin reached for his jacket.

It turned out that the heads of state put to the meeting almost the same tie. The Russian President has reached out to tie Abdul to show it to him, and compare them. Egyptian President surprised at such actions, but particularly of the form is not submitted. Smiling, he stopped the hand of Vladimir Putin.

Recall that this is the first such forum, and it will take place in Sochi on the twenty-third to twenty-fourth Oct. It will discuss the close cooperation between the Russian Federation and countries of the African continent.

In the framework of the forum will participate more than two hundred companies.