The network has ridiculed Putin for absurd solutions

В сети высмеяли Путина из-за абсурдного решения

Recently, the Russian public page on the social network Twitter user with the nickname “agent of the Kremlin,” posted a cartoon which ridiculed the latest developments from the world of foreign economic policy of the Russian Federation.

В сети высмеяли Путина из-за абсурдного решения

Thus the Russians ridiculed the recent statement of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin that Russia is involved in the initiative on debt relief debt African countries. Accordingly, the statement of the Russian Federation forgiven for previous years Africa twenty billion dollars. The forum was held in Sochi. Such a policy for Russia is not new. Since 1991 to 2004, the Russian Federation forgave the debts of developing countries in the amount of twenty-billion dollars. Then, as of 2004 the amount of the outstanding debts amounted to a little less than ninety billion dollars, according to the Ministry of Finance of Russia. Overall, the total debt of the developing countries to the Russian Federation amounted to about 123 billion dollars. As a rule, the Ministry of Finance does not explain or disclose the real reasons for such a charity. Typically, the debt came from loans for purchase of Soviet military equipment.

The Russians are not happy with such actions of their government, because across the country people are feeling the sanctions and lack of funds. Food prices are rising and wages not, and only in the last year, the rate of people with incomes below the subsistence minimum has grown. Only for the first quarter of 2019, the number of such people increased by half a million people, and that 14.4% percent of the total population of Russia.

By the way, now in Altai Krai children have two weeks did not attend school, because there are simply no teachers.

In Ukraine, has ridiculed the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with bright cartoon.

В сети высмеяли Путина из-за абсурдного решения

Also, the expert explained how to defeat Russia. As you know in Ukraine are planning a large-scale project – the construction of four new corvettes worth $ 250 million each. According to the expert, the Corvette sounds and looks beautiful, but in the modern realities it is necessary to focus on means of missile attack that can inflict significant damage on the Russian military bases.