The network has ridiculed Putin’s new favourite

В сети высмеяли новую фаворитку Путина

Vladimir Putin once again distinguished for its unprecedented generosity

Really a few million from the head of the Kremlin’s got no needy Russians or retired, and his mistress.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to generously reward the sociologist Leocadio Drobijeva. The woman received a generous award from the President, reports referring to Twitter, the Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

В сети высмеяли новую фаворитку Путина

Smirnov noted that the specialist has received presidential award “For contribution to strengthening the unity of the Russian nation.”

“The prize is 2.5 million rubles,” – wrote the promoter. Note that this is approximately 978 thousand.

It is curious that residents of the Russian Federation do not know who that leocadia Drobizheva and what good she did for their country. Related comments of the residents of the Russian Federation made under the post Smirnoff.

“less than a day’s earnings Sechin, Miller, Kostina”, “What a bitch! SMS-mi collect money, and he gives the same Cunts! All so clear all his diplomas, medals, dissertations will be removed and their owners will be engaged in investigation”, “who is this ?)”, “Is that where she vklla?”, “Early heroes of Russia were awarded for their feats, now for Putinism”, “what and who put? Who knows who just so Putin from the pocket of poor pensioners once again took away the money?”, “Jokes you are some stupid,” commented the entry of the Kremlin propagandist, the people of Russia.

Earlier we wrote that President Vladimir Putin once again became the object of ridicule among social media users. The Internet is a new caricature of him. Its author is the artist Sergei Elkin.

В сети высмеяли новую фаворитку Путина

He decided to make fun of Vladimir Putin, who is awaiting a final decision on construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. “To be Nord stream-2 or not to be?” says in the caption.

В сети высмеяли новую фаворитку Путина

In particular, Sergey Elkin decided to portray Vladimir Putin in the image of hamlet, who sits on the pipe of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” in anticipation of a positive verdict.

Vladimir Putin, pictured in knickers, amused social media users, who praised the new work of cartoonist Sergei Elkin.

“Poor Yorick!”, “What a funny Funny crow… and yet, so stupid”, “Sure to be! And thief Putin presses nuclear button rusty USSR!”, “The artist probably intentionally added spice… Seated and looking at ….sewer pipe, instead of gas,” they write in the comments under the post.

В сети высмеяли новую фаворитку Путина