The network has ridiculed the absurd reform in Russia

В сети высмеяли абсурдную реформу в России

The Ministry of health of Russia announced the reduction in the number of physicians in the regions of the country. Absurd reform of the Russian government ridiculed fotozhabu.

Appropriate fotozhabu published on the page “Lentech” on twitter.

So, according to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in 55 regions of the country detected a reduction of doctors. The number of physicians in some regions has decreased from 3.5% to 5.3%.

The network has decided to clearly make fun of the situation in Russia and published a hilarious fotozhabu, which can become a reality.

В сети высмеяли абсурдную реформу в России

Also it was recently reported that the hands of doctors is affected. In Russia, the woman went to the hospital with sinusitis. After surgery the ENT forgot to get the nose catheter. The woman 10 years living with a foreign object in the nose and never suspected anything until then, until I got to the dentist. It turned out that her life was in danger.

She urgently had surgery and took out all the mucus. However, the woman lost her front teeth that are rotted to the roots and spent the amount of space that will recover after a medical error.