The network has ridiculed the confusion Lukashenko in Kazakhstan, a funny video

В сети высмеяли конфуз Лукашенко в Казахстане, курьезное видео

The network has made fun of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Recently, the President visited Kazakhstan, apparently to please local residents, gave an interview to one of editions. One of the highlights of the interview were cut by the user of the social network Twitter with the nickname Dmitry Smirnov. This was reported by the media.

During the interview, Alexander Lukashenko said that it is owned thirteen cows. However, in his family, it almost did not drink, and he delivers, feeding the government. Thus, the President of Belarus hinted that he does it for other officials.

The interviewer asked the President a question: “Is your own milk?”. to which the man replied, “Yes. No, not my cow”. This point in the interview and was ridiculed by the user of the social network Twitter. This video has instantly scattered on all the social networks.

Reviews were not so many, however, they are worth paying attention to: “a Conversation between two fools”, “Lukashenko is still in the running, and not yet milked. He prefers to milk Russia”, “What question is the answer”, “Where is the money? A cow tongue licked.”

We will remind that visit of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus lasted for two days, 25 and October 25. There he met with the President of Kazakhstan.