The network has ridiculed the romantic adventures of Lukashenka Junior

В сети высмеяли романтические похождения Лукашенко-младшего

The son of the President of Belarus Nikolai Lukashenko and the unplanned became the hero of the new memov.

A funny thing happened during a charity event in Minsk. At the time of transmission products home for veterans of the photographers took pictures. Her Nicholas was surrounded by only young girls.

So has coincided that by the staff of the boarding school turned out to be lovely women of the opposite sex.

To the lov, then the President’s son gave to the school four tons, guess what? Yes, potatoes. Parcels were elite varieties selection, as well as honey, pickles and jams. Also was brought here from the Uzbek melon seeds, apples, birch and Apple juice, all grown on the fertile ground of Belarus.

But network users such action by the mercy and generosity can’t hurt anyone else. All began to comment on the publication. Moreover, many called it a show.

“Dad harem gathered”, “circus with horses”, “how zadolbala this Soviet facade”, “well Done!”, — they write.