The network has ridiculed the Russian robot Fedora

В сети высмеяли российского робота Федора

In the Internet ridiculed pet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who couldn’t do elementary

As reported Politeka, he said this in his Twitter.

“I wanted to read in Google about updates of robotics, and there is. I was programmed for absolute honesty, so I left in Yandex – there is no questions asked,” said the robot Fedor.

Specify that network users in the review showed that Yandex also have a check on bots.

В сети высмеяли российского робота Федора

“Quite a set”, “infringement of the rights of robots! Give Robokitty”, “good luck in Yandex”, “jokes for tristo”, “Fedor, there is no desire in the state Duma to leave? There’s remote-controlled manipulators is always needed. Yes, intelligence you do not Shine, but still smarter than the average Deputy,” they write.