The network has ridiculed the statement of “DNR” about the murder of Ukrainian pensioners

В сети высмеяли заявление «ДНР» об убийстве Захарченко пенсионерами

In the network there are new, highly original versions of the murder of the former head of the so-called “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko.

Even in Donetsk are trying to deny the relationship of intelligence with this big news, misleading “Facts”.

Alexander Boroday, one of the former leaders of militant groups “DNR”, recently revealed that in fact Alexander Zakharchenko eliminated angry “retired KGB”. Moreover, according to the words of the terrorist, which obviously says not quite sensibly, the head of quasisecurity sent in a better world people who are no less than seventy years.

A frankly delusional statement just could not leave without attention of Internet users who understand life a little bit more than the aforementioned Mr. Boroday. In particular, the network is literally flooded with many new faces and sarcastic quotes that ridiculed the statement which is difficult to develop the right attitude. It is not clear that in the mind of the “speaker” and that he wanted to tell this phrase. However, in any unclear situation worth a good laugh — it’ll bring down the degree of unease. But for a grown man, had time in life to smell gunpowder (well, objectively) that is able to generate such nonsense, really awkward.

“Is he saying that Zakharchenko was killed by Putin personally”, “I wouldn’t underestimate the elderly robber. Old school, where the emphasis is on business, not on rubilovo dough”, “Crouching retired, hidden man”, “Santa blew up,” wrote an Internet user in the comments.

Characteristically, officials of the “DPR” chose to remain silent about this situation. Apparently, guided by the principle “the less you talk, the smarter you look in the eyes of others”. It remains to understand why Boroday decided to remember the murdered Zakharchenko, after all, nothing is done just so. Especially in the realities of Donbass.