The network has shown a reconditioned BMW 530 Motorsport Limited Edition-1976

В сети показали восстановленный BMW 530 Motorsport Limited Edition 1976 года

As promised last year, BMW South Africa, the 530 MLE was restored, inspired by the caterpillar, better known as the first unofficial BMW M.

Craftsmen took a year of painstaking work to restore the Shine to the chassis 770100, but it was worth it.

BMW South Africa has introduced the 830 MLE at the BMW Group plant in Rosline October 8, and, as the pictures show, special homologirana designed especially for BMW Motorsport in South Africa in 1976, it now looks like new.

530 MLE was restored by Louis Malchow of the company’s Custom Restorations, William Mocape, Walter Mahlangu, Jacob and Cassie Matabane Kalak. It was presented in the presence of four employees of the BMW Group in South Africa who were going to make the original more than four decades ago.

History of 530 MLE starts in the mid 1970-ies, when BMW South Africa decided to participate in the race and decided to build two race cars, 5-series (E12) to participate in a modified serial of the series in South Africa.

With the participation of the boss of BMW Motorsport Jochen was born neerpasch the BMW 530 Motorsport Limited Edition (MLE), which started its first race in 1976. She won the first 15 races and has won three League titles in three years. He retired in 1985 as the most successful racing BMW 5 series in history.

To qualify for participation in the modified serial series, BMW South Africa had to sell at least 100 road-going versions of this car racing BMW 5 series first generation. Due to high market demand, the company has released 110 units of Type 1 in 1976 and 117 versions of the Type 2 in 1977.

Sold as a BMW 530 Motorsport Limited Edition (MLE), special homologirana included the original version of the same six cylinder engine as that of the regular 530. Nominal power is 200 HP and 277 Nm of torque, the powerplant allowed the 530 MLE accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 208 km / h.

These numbers may not be impressive now, but they certainly were four decades ago. More importantly, the 530 MLE paved the way for many companies in BMW road-oriented cars. It included measures to reduce weight, including the body and the pedals are drilled manually, the aluminum body panels, manual Windows with no air conditioning, beveled seat frame in the back seat and the wheels are Mahle.

If all the above hasn’t convinced you, perhaps the fact that the car repaired at BMW South Africa, is the only surviving 530 MLE will help.