The network has teased the new bright caricature of Putin

Сеть насмешила новая яркая карикатура на Путина

In the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin in an unusual outfit with cross and handcuffs

As reported Politeka, a cartoon published cartoonist Alesha Stupin.

So, this image shows Putin in short pants with suspenders, with a cross on his chest (on top of his full coat of arms of the USSR). In his hands he holds a whip and handcuffs, and on the wrists for two hours. This was the reason for the rapid comments from the users.

Сеть насмешила новая яркая карикатура на Путина

“Fabulous dollars**fucked”, “Lord of the monkeys and screenwriter”, “King, just king,” “Ppanel”, “White spodni”, “Cross flip (upside down”, “Helmet of cork or bark straponsoregon oak?”, — they write.

As previously reported, the network has made fun of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the suit at his meeting with Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan. Footage posted on the website of the advocates of the “Kremlin pool RIA” on Twitter.

“The leaders of Russia and Turkey have long views are similar or identical. Today, they coincided when choosing the color of suit, shirt and tie,” — said in the message.

Note that the footage has caused harsh comments from users.

“Bros – tomato”, “And you only noticed with him he is smiling and the other sad but curl does not come with the muzzle,” they write.

Earlier we wrote that in Russia in 70-m to year of life died a Vice-Admiral Mikhail Motsak, whose name figured in the tragedy with the submarine “Kursk”, and who was the envoy of President Vladimir Putin. The cause of his death was prolonged and severe illness. He died the morning of October 19 at the Military medical Academy in St. Petersburg. On 22 November he would have turned 70 years old.

Сеть насмешила новая яркая карикатура на Путина