The network is gaining popularity funny video with unfettered owl

В сети набирает популярности курьезное видео с раскрепощенной совой

Owl from Japan named Mikoto became a hit on the network. Her busy life may be the envy of many people.

This tells the portal “ukranews”.

The Japanese owl named Mikoto has its own page in Twitter. It frequently published short videos of the life of little owls. However, Mikoto called boring or routine. Owl riding a Bicycle or peeking out of the closet, bathing or trying on a stocking cap peeking out the window.

Mikoto is very brave and without any fear goes in the car and not afraid to try something new. She’s acting surprisingly calm and so she doesn’t need a cage, because the risk that she will fly away or attack people eliminated.

One of the favorite activities Mikoto to observe how the owner makes her different hairstyle and decorated it with feathers, she is standing still and posing.

Mikoto is not one pleases master, she has a good friend, the hedgehog, pictures of which also frequently appear on the page.