The Network is outraged that she Barbir left the show “dancing with the stars”

According to the jury and audience voting results for the ninth live show left Lyudmila Barbir and Dmitry Zhuk.

В Сети возмущены, что Людмила Барбир покинула шоу «Танцы со звездами»

Last Sunday held its ninth live updated “Dancing with the stars.” This time the pair went out on the floor with young dancers. However, not all this release had a happy ending. So, traditionally, at the end of the broadcast became known, who this time leaves the show. As a result of jury and televoting in the risk zone were two pairs of Barbir Lyudmila and Dmitry Zhuk and Daniel Salem and Yulia sakhnevich.

After the dance “for life” judges of the project decided that the fight in the show will continue with Daniel and Julia, thus, in the ninth live of the project has left Lyudmila and Dmitry.

As soon as the results of the broadcast, the network began to actively discuss them. By the way, many did not agree with the outcome. For example, some wrote that Lyudmila is a strong contestant and she is unfairly left the project.

“Return Of Barbir. They danced better than Bulitko. They had to clean up the boorish behavior”, “Left main contender for victory,” “Objectively Elena Kravetz was the weakest”, “Where is the justice? Kravets, which is generally not moving left, and Lyudmila kicked” — write to the network.

Do you agree with the results of air?