The network showed a funny video of Kosh with the “new Zelensky”


В сети показали забавное видео Кошевого с «новым Зеленским»

Everyone already knows that the actor who will play Vladimir Zelensky in “Quarter-95” was Yuri the Great. Prior to that, he was only a duet show “Schumacher Brothers”, and now he has to fight for the lead by Eugene Kosh. Corresponding video, however, as it happens, already walking in the Internet.

Of course this video was filmed in comic form and published on the YouTube channel of the team. This video blog appeared after a speech in Odessa, where in the end of the video, the artists answered questions from followers on Instagram.

So, fans asked the main question that interests many. It turned out that most of the audience worried about one thing, there was now a commander chief among all in the company. During the recording of the answer to this question, intervened the Great, who unexpectedly came to Eugene from behind. As a result, it parodiruya voice Zelensky said: “What do you mean you don’t know who?”. Then the whole company laughed out loud.