The network showed the most ridiculous job posting

В сети показали самое смешное объявление о работе

In the Internet there are funny ads.

Nowadays you can meet many interesting job offers, which differ little among themselves. The majority of employers tries to involve as many new employees due to high salaries or comfortable conditions. However, if the work is not pleasant, it is possible to use another equally effective approach.

Thus, in Kharkov opened an interesting vacancy in one of the entrances. There are actively searching for one volunteer who is willing to be a couple times a week to go down to the basement in order to record the indicators and adjust the counter on heating. Of course it will pay some money, but for them, this kind of “hero” will have to put up with any animals that lives in the basement.

Since such tasks are few people interested for likely little money, the author of this ad chose to lure more serving. So, as he could have veiled themselves due obligations and have tried to present everything as beautifully. Perhaps it is how the author will manage to find fearless
volunteer for such a difficult case.

В сети показали самое смешное объявление о работе

Very original ad