The network showed the Rover is made of Muscovite

В сети показали вездеход сделанный из Москвича

In one of the Siberian villages bloggers discovered an unusual handmade-terrain vehicle. It’s made from pickup IZH-27151.

About it reports the edition carakoom.

It is clear that rural tuning is quite peculiar. About any beauty question. Here the main functionality. Unusual all-terrain vehicle found in the Kurgan region of Russia. The owner has created him from a pickup IZH-27151.

В сети показали вездеход сделанный из Москвича

Master installed on the car wheel from the tractor

The images show that the body of the car, thanks to the huge wheels of the tractor, at a height of over a meter above the road surface. Since this machine is still a Rover, he has two of the leading bridge. Instead of the regular cargo master-Samodelkin has installed a homemade metal box. In General, from the pickup of the Izhevsk automobile plant on the Rover was only the front end to the rear wall of the cab.

В сети показали вездеход сделанный из Москвича

This Rover can ride on the Siberian road

Details about technical stuffing of homemade not reported. As suggested by the authors of the photos, most likely, under the hood is a petrol engine, maybe even the staff. You can also say with certainty that the donor wheel drive transmission became the UAZ.

В сети показали вездеход сделанный из Москвича

Standard IZH in conditions of the Siberian village are useless, and the Rover by the way.

It is clear that the exhibitions this machine is not involved, and for the Russian countryside, where there are no roads, IZH-terrain vehicle is simply irreplaceable.

The owner of this “wonder car” I tried. What time it took rural actors in the production of similar versions of the vehicle, also not reported.