The network was captivated by the reaction of the dog at one point in the cartoon


Сеть покорила реакция собаки на один из моментов в мультике

Dog is watching a cartoon “the lion King” really an emotional moment.

Four-month-old pet found most tearful moment of this famous cartoon – the death of Simba’s father, Mufasa the. The video was posted on the social network Facebook. The video got millions of views in the network, reports

Note that the dog only four months. It’s a girl and her name is Luna. The footage shows how a dog whines and can not find a place, when lion cub Simba comes to his deceased father. According to the owner of the dog, she even cried with this touching moment.

“We don’t deserve dogs,” was signed by the owner of the pet video that got millions of views.

The author of the video said that he and his wife watched the cartoon and their pet was playing with his toys. However, at the time when the lion Mufasa fell off the cliff, the Moon suddenly stopped and started to watch TV.