The new colors of evolution

The new colors of evolution


 NEW YORK | Like its adorable colorful creatures, the Pokémon saga< /em>has been constantly evolving since its birth more than a quarter of a century ago. What's next?Pokémon Scarlet andPokémon Purple, a daring new video game adventure, set in an entirely open world. Le Journal traveled to the Big Apple to make some the test, one month before its release in stores.

Midtown. A disused loft. It's on the 11th floor of an industrial building that's all the more gray and plain that Pikachu, Magikarp, Étourmi and their new friends Taupikeau, Chochodile and other Tag-Tag await us to propel us straight towards Paldea, a land hitherto unexplored. 

Nintendo Switch controller in hand, the Journal representativedove headfirst into this vast, open world, populated by Pokemon of all genres, both new and familiar. And what he discovered there suggests nothing less than one of the best games in the saga to date. 

First observation? It's colorful and bright, downright inviting and fun to explore. Those who invested several hours in the previous chapter of the franchise – Pokémon Legends: Arceus – will find themselves on familiar ground here; because although it is a new world that unfolds here, we instantly recognize the usual aesthetics and atmosphere. 

The grip is also particularly easy, fluid and instinctive. The transition to this new chapter is therefore seamless or disorienting, without however evoking a feeling of deja vu. As for novices, they will probably take no more than a few minutes to familiarize themselves with this universe and its intrinsic mechanics. 

But where to start ? The options are many and varied. Because it is, let us remember, in an entirely open world that the player is catapulted with Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, two different editions of the same game. therefore means that he can explore it at his leisure and at his own pace, choosing which objectives to achieve first. 

Common or wacky

Certainly, our road can lead to the eternal hunt for small colorful monsters, the primary fiber of the saga of Japanese origin. But where this new game evolves greatly is in its range of quests and activities offered to fans. 

There are the most common; repatriate lost pokémons, face the trainers of the region, or even go in search of resources to spoil and evolve our team of faithful companions. 

But in the most, let's say, eccentric ones, we had an almost disproportionate pleasure in… concocting sandwiches for our pokemons. Yes, it's as absurd and surreal as one could imagine, with the game putting our skills as food architects to the test when assembling the various condiments. But above all, it's devilishly entertaining and, often, hilarious. 

The same goes for picnics, those moments of respite intended to refine and strengthen our bonds with our horde of pokémons. You can throw the ball at them, take selfies (the good old selfies) with them and even shower them. A downright cute and surprisingly relaxing option.

Action, solo or in groups

For those who prefer action, they can now join forces with their friends to defeat different more powerful pokemon together. This option, available online, is very effective, especially by the simplicity with which one schedules and starts a private virtual meeting. 

Among the other novelties that will thrill the regulars, let us mention Teracrystallization, a process specific to the region of Paldea. In a jiffy, the player can make their fighter as sparkly as the most precious gems, altering their type attributes to boost certain attacks. A maneuver that may, on paper, seem difficult and complex, but which is in no way so on screen. 

Our verdict? The Pokémon saga clearly builds on more than 25 years of evolution, drawing on its most significant titles – Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokémon Sword and Shield< /em> come quickly to mind – to get the best out of it and bring it all together in one game. There's no doubt that this new adventure will keep young and old alike busy in the months to come. 

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  • Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purplewill be available from November 18.
  • Travel and accommodation costs for this trip were provided by Nintendo