The new owners of cities: how wild animals enjoy quarantine

In most of the countries have introduced quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus. Streets of different cities of the world were empty due to the fact that their inhabitants do not leave their homes. In places where before it was crowded, now wild animals roam freely. The look of the city with an unusual “passers-by”, described the publication by the BBC.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

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While people sit at home on quarantine city win animals: in Chile, walking the Puma, the Israeli Haifa terrorize the hordes of wild boars and Indian Mumbai flew a record number of flamingos.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

Screenshot: In the Bosphorus were seen dolphins which are rare or in very narrow and loaded water passage between Europe and Asia. Euronews/Youtube

In recent weeks the Maritime traffic in the Bosporus Strait has decreased dramatically due to the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus infection, and millions of Istanbul residents remain at home. Near one of the most popular attractions of the Turkish metropolis of the mosque in Ortakoy — was spotted a few dolphins in the water near the shore.

In the video, the animals swim along the waterfront on the Bosphorus, where usually many moored fishing boats and around the clock strolling tourists.

Also dolphins are seen near the banks of Istanbul’s historic district, where the pandemic worked a restaurants, crowded with tourists.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

Screenshot: the Invasion of wild boars in Haifa. Local residents fear for their safety, because in this period animals are very aggressive. AFP News Agency/YouTube

In the absence of people on the streets of Haifa, Izral, in many urban areas, there is a real invasion of wild boars. Animals do not feel threatened and are hosted in backyards, parks and playgrounds. Residents of several urban neighborhoods seriously fear for their health and fear of collisions with wild animals.

The number of wild boars that roam the deserted streets of Haifa, is growing uncontrollably in many places around the house and on the roads for a walk the whole family with piglets. In the past the city has happened dangerous incidents with victims in the invasion of animals. Mostly this was due to the injuries that people received, running away from boars. Also known at least one case of death of the person, who attacked the boar.

Aaron Schulman, who lives with his family in Haifa, told how his daughter was bitten by a dog, running away from the boar. “It was a few weeks ago. The girl left the school after an event and approached the car. Not far from her stood a wild boar. Run past the dog was scared of the animal, rushed to the daughter and bit her. The little girl needed medical help. And this is not the only case.”

Another resident of the area come here’, Aryeh Kurz, said that recently he had to face with a whole herd of wild boars. The man managed to get in the car, and the animals surrounded him and wandered around.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

Screenshot: In areas near the Indian Mumbai and its satellite town Navi Mumbai arrived about 150 thousand migrating flamingos. VOA News/YouTube

Bombay natural history society (BNHS) reported that from 2019, the migration of flamingos increased by 25 percent when the country came to 1.2 thousand birds. This year more than a thousand birds have been seen in the first week of April.

Society explains this growth by reducing activity in areas such as Sewri, Thane Creek and wetlands Talave and Navi Mumbai. These areas are generally large-scale construction projects, but this time nationwide quarantine has created ideal conditions for flamingos in the wetland areas.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

Screenshot: Rare marine mammal dugong, also known as sea cows, noticed in the South of Thailand. AFP/YouTube

A herd of 30 rare marine animal, the dugong was spotted in shallow water off the coast of Thailand, near the island of Libong. Due to quarantine in the coastal areas is now very calm, so the animals are not afraid to swim close to the shore. The animals dined on algae and occasionally pop up to the surface to breathe. In fact, dugongs are vulnerable species. In the waters of Thailand, there are only 250 individuals of this species.

Новые хозяева мегаполисов: как дикие животные наслаждаются карантином

Screenshot: In the Chilean capital were wearing Puma. World News Network/YouTube

An unexpected guest appeared on the streets of the Chilean capital, which is almost deserted because of the quarantine. In Santiago I wandered a young Puma. It looks like an animal ran down the hill Mancala, which dominates the city.

According to residents, the Cougar was scared and didn’t know where to go. She ran through several private yards and ended up on school property. Police cordoned off the yard, and the animal was shot ambien. Now it will send to the zoo for veterinary inspection.

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