The New York Times won the Pulitzer prize for ‘exposing the predation regime of Putin’

The Pulitzer prize the year 2020 in the light of international developments awarded by the New York Times for “exposing predation of Vladimir Putin’s regime,” reads the message Board of the Pulitzer prize, writes the BBC.

New York Times получила Пулитцеровскую премию за 'разоблачение хищничества режима Путина'

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The organization notes that a leading American newspaper receives award for “a set of exciting stories, written with great risk and exposing the predation regime of Vladimir Putin”.

Award the 2020 were awarded to eight articles and a video about the assassination of Ukrainian officials in Rivne, ordered from Moscow, about the poisoning of businessman Hebrew in Bulgaria, Russian interests in the conflict in Libya and the Central African Republic and the bombing of hospitals and other civilian targets by Russian aviation in Syria.

The Russian Embassy in the US said in Facebook that Moscow views “this series of articles,” as, “a beautiful collection of undiluted Russophobic fabrications that can be studied as a guide to create false facts.”

The Pulitzer prize is awarded for publications in Newspapers, magazines and websites in the United States in a variety of genres.

The Pulitzer prize is awarded only for materials in the English language, originally published in the United States. Chief editor of the Russian edition of “the Project” Roman badanin noted that two NYT material to repeat the facts previously extracted Russian journalists in their investigations, writes “Voice of America”.

Who else received the Pulitzer

The most prestigious award in the nomination “Service” received the journalists of the newspaper Anchorage Daily News and the publication ProPublica for a series of materials about the problems and violence in police of Alaska.

The award for photography from the event went to the team of Reuters for their coverage of the protests in Hong Kong.

In 2020, on the background of the development of podcasts, the award was first presented for videoreports. Its got the author of the podcast episode of This American Life is the light of the migration policy of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump.

Novelist Colson Whitehead was the winner of the Pulitzer prize for literature for his novel about the morals of the Florida reform school “Nickel boys.” Previous book Whitehead “Underground railroad” won in the nomination “fiction” in 2017.

In the category “Music” won an Opera by Anthony Davis “the Central Park Five” tells of five young men wrongfully convicted for sexual violence. (For this story made TV series Netflix “When they see us”)

In parallel, a second panel, awarding awards in areas not related to journalism in categories such as “fiction”, “history of the United States”, “biography, autobiography and memoir,” “poetry”, “music” and “drama”.

The deadline for nominations is January 25 of each year, so the pandemic Covid-19 in publications of journalists affect not have time.

The New York Times as the most authoritative, prestigious and powerful print and online media in the United States, almost every year a rich harvest Pulitzer prizes.

This year, in addition to international journalism she got awards for investigative journalism (predatory terms loans new York taxi drivers), and Nicole Hannah-Jones was awarded the prize in nomination “journalism” for many conservatives rebelled project “1619” about the 400-year anniversary of the institution of slavery in North America.

The publication of the New York Times on Russia, received the Pulitzer prize on numerous occasions throughout its history (some of them, like award 1932 correspondence of Walter Duranty from Moscow, puts into question the reality of mass famine during collectivization, had subsequently been discredited; in 2003, the Board acknowledged that Duranty articles hardly deserved awards, but they have not found signs of conscious deception).

In 2017, the NYT received the award for materials about the Russian intervention in elections in 2016.



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