The newsletter of our experts: week 5

Our experts' newsletter: week 5


Every Saturday, our experts take stock of the week of the election campaign that has just ended, and note the good – and not so good – moves of each one. 

Natacha Joncas Boudreau

Natacha Joncas Boudreau worked for 10 years in provincial politics where she held various positions, including those of press attaché and chief of staff. She now works at TACT where she supports several organizations in public and government relations. 

General observations 

Entering the home stretch still at the top of the list, François Legault attempted a change of tone earlier this week on a note of openness to collaboration, just before the immigration file came back to haunt him. Whatever he says, the fight is still neck and neck among the other parties. Dominique Anglade is trying to hold on to his gains as PSPP strives to capitalize on the momentum gained in the debates. On the side of GND, we are trying to close the gaps on economic and especially fiscal issues. Éric Duhaime continued his normalization without losing his balancing act until the finish line. 

Good shot of the week 

< p>The flowers are for the impressive early voting rate. To those who have already voted or to all those who will vote next Monday: thank you for contributing to the vitality of our democracy. 

The bad trick of the week < /p>

Big omissions from this campaign, education and truly bold proposals on climate change should have been on the menu. In both cases, our children will pay the price.

  • François Legault (CAQ): 7/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 34/50
  • Dominique Anglade (PLQ): 8/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 36/50
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (QS): 8/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 39/50
  • Éric Duhaime (PCQ): 8/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 37/50
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PQ): 9/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 40/50 

Sophie Villeneuve

Sophie Villeneuve acted as a political advisor in Ottawa and Quebec City for ten years. A partner at Catapulte, Bureau de communication, for 8 years, she specializes in issues management and public affairs strategies. She also runs Article 79, a parliamentary oversight service.

General Comments 

François Legault, irritated by the campaign, spends more time thinking aloud about the composition of his future Council of Ministers than specifying his vision for the next four years. PSPP, which embodies the surprise, must deal with increased attention on its party this week. Éric Duhaime prepares his troops for the worst as local polls put him at a disadvantage in his constituency and Dominique Anglade maintains a questionable route choice as his bus accumulates visits to constituencies where his chances are slim. The GND campaign is distracted by the error in judgment of its ex-candidate in Camille-Laurin.

The good move of the week 

The announcement of the Parti Québécois, which is committed to reforming the voting system, is likely to take on its full importance on Monday, when more than 50% of the electorate risks having only one-sixth of the representatives in the National Assembly. 

The bad move of the week 

The Caquist malaise over immigration reached its climax as the minister responsible for this file asserted gross falsehoods before being disavowed by his leader, who publicly ruled out reappointing him to this ministry.

    < li dir="auto">François Legault (CAQ): 610 | Total after 5 weeks: 31/50
  • Dominique Anglade (PLQ): 6/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 26/50
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (QS): 610 | Total after 5 weeks: 35/50
  • Éric Duhaime (PCQ): 6/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 32/50
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PQ): 8/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 40/50   

Alexandre Boucher

Having worked for a long time behind the scenes of power, Alexandre Boucher acts as Vice-President Public Affairs at the NATIONAL Public Relations Firm where his practice focuses on crisis management, issues and image, government relations and spokesperson training.< /p>

General Comments 

This last week has shown that nature abhors a vacuum and that, in the absence of content to eat, the media beast feeds on controversy. Obviously, the blunder of the Minister of Immigration is an unexpected gift for Dominique Anglade, who sought to consolidate his electorate. QS also has its share of problems with a candidate being dropped and a TikTok staging to the sound of a song with degrading lyrics. Clever plea by Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon, who invites Quebecers to elect strong opposition members instead of “giving absolute powers” ​​to the CAQ. Éric Duhaime is playing his all in the greater Quebec City region.

Hit of the week 

Hurricane Fiona allows François Legault to put on his Prime Minister's garb and embody this reassuring figure who had served him so well during the pandemic.

The bad move of the week< /strong> 

The end of a campaign is used to gain momentum. However, that of the CAQ is clouded by controversies of which the leader or a minister are at the origin. Fortunately for the CAQ, his comfortable lead allowed him to get away with it without too many scratches.

  • François Legault (CAQ): 6.5/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 34/50
  • Dominique Anglade (PLQ): 8.5/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 35/50
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (QS): 7/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 35/50
  • Éric Duhaime (PCQ): 8/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 37/50
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon (PQ): 8.5/10 | Total after 5 weeks: 39.5/50  

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