The next season of the English Premier League will not start until the end of the current

Следующий сезон Английской Премьер-Лиги не начнется, пока не закончится текущий

The next season of the English Premier League doesn’t start until, until the end of the current, according to ESPN.

This conclusion, which applies to all professional competitions in England, together came the organizers of the Premier League, the Football Association of England (FA) and English football League (EFL).

While the FA are ready to concede to the recommendations of UEFA, according to which the season must be completed by June 30.

Earlier it became known that professional football will return to England not before April 30.

After the resumption of matches, with high probability, the competition will be held in front of empty stands.

The Premier League is considering an alternative version of the completion of the championship.

Before the pause in the Premier League with a big lead, “Liverpool”, which for his first conquest in the history of the club champion of the submarine was enough in 9 matches to score only 6 points.

However, the suspension of the championship because of the pandemic coronavirus questioned the onset of this historic for the Liverpool event.