The NHL decided not to finish the regular season

В НХЛ решили не доигрывать регулярный сезон

Gary Bettman

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman reported that the season, which was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus, will be resumed from the play-offs.

“After obtaining permission from medical experts and relevant state bodies 24 of the 31 teams will resume the season,” the Commissioner said in the video interview with Sportsnet.

The regular season will not be finished. In the playoffs, will play 24 teams with the highest winning percentage at the time of stop of the championship.

Four of the best club from each conference will play three matches in the format of a circular system to change seeded in the Stanley Cup. In parallel, a round-Robin tournament the remaining teams will play a series to three victories. The winners of these series will go in the first round of the playoffs the first four seeded teams in their conferences. After that, the Cup of Stanley will be continued in the usual format.

The official date of the start of the playoffs has not been named.

The Batman confirmed that the training camps of the NHL clubs will not begin until July 1. The teams will need about two weeks for a set of forms, including the organization of exhibition matches. Thus, the return of the official matches is expected only in the second half of July.