“The Nigerian Monster” and Makhmudov


This is the last boxer that Marc Ramsay and Camille Estephan wanted to offer Arslanbek Makhmudov for December 16 in Shawinigan.

The first 15 contenders refused. Even with scholarships reaching $200,000. It is finally some sort of 6-foot-8, 245-pound phenom who will make the trip to Shawi. Raphael Akpejiori comes from Nigeria. He got a football scholarship to the University of Kansas. Then, at 6-foot-8 and a superb athlete, he headed to basketball at the University of Miami in 2010. He attended NFL Dolphins rookie camp. 

Finally, it was boxing that fascinated him. He dove like Obelix into the magic potion and won his first 13 fights in 13 knockouts. In an average of a round and a quarter. The last and fourteenth was won by unanimous decision. He volleyed his opponent.


I found a dozen of his fights on YouTube. Difficult to judge, he faced hams as we do not even dare to import in Quebec. That's telling you. Or maybe he's so terrifying that guys were rushing to dive in so they wouldn't get decapitated. It could be, remember Dillon Carman against Makhmudov in Shawinigan.

But I think he is less technical than Makhmudov. He doesn't have the fat Russian's Soviet-inspired training that made him a real boxer as well as a demolisher. 

And honestly, in everything I've found on YouTube, I haven't seen him get a single shot. 

His nickname slaps like a warning: The Nigerian Monster.

And his coach, we know him in Quebec, is Glen Johnson. He faced Lucian Bute in a 12-round championship bout at the Coliseum in Quebec. It was packed.


Oscar Rivas will probably have the chance to defend his belt. The WBC gave its sanction (received the promoter's check) yesterday for a fight in Rozsdow, Poland. It is 50 kilometers from the border of Ukraine. It's going to give some good stories.

Oscar is going to face Lukasz Rozanski on February 25.

“The Nigerian Monster” and Makhmudov